Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop! Coming Soon!!

Star Trek the Next Generation is set for launch this coming February in POP form! This is sure to please all Star Trek fans and if you’re new to Funko and or POP’s, check these out!

Funko meets the 24th Century! The U.S.S. Enterprise Pop! crew is reporting for duty! Watch out…Some of the crew’s more sinister enemies are coming too! Friend or foe…These Pop!’s are the cutest in all of the Milky Way. Boldly go where no man has gone before with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop! series. Coming in February!

4899_Star-Trek-TNG---Locutus_low_grande 4900_Star-Trek-TNG---Picard_low_grande 4901_Star-Trek-TNG---Worf_low_grande 4902_Star-Trek-TNG---troi_low_grande 4903_Star-Trek-TNG---Data_low_grande 4904_Star-Trek-TNG---Riker_low_grande 4905_Star-Trek-TNG---Geordi_low_grande 4906_Star-Trek-TNG---Klingon_low_grande