So Your on The Fence With Fan Toys FT-04 Scoria Not-Slag…..

We have some good news AND some bad news. The good news is he is awesome. Fan Toys released some new pics of Scoria Not Slag with the MP-08 Grimlock. The bad news is you will want him and in a bad way. Fan Toys will be producing, from what I believe, all of the Dinobots so yeah….you will need him. Now here is the best part. Big Bad Toy Store has Scoria up for order and you can get him HERE!

Scoria stands at 25cm / 10 inches tall. This figure will also come with a back gun/armor piece for MP-08 (MP-08 sold separately) that can separate and attach to the bottom of his feet in robot mode, giving him increased height. This piece is said to work with all versions of MP-08.

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