So About That Eagle Force Announcement

I have some really good news to share with you all concerning the relaunch of the Eagle Force toy line. Our friends over at Boss Fight Studios will have a hand in the sculpting aspects of the relaunch ¬†and if you’re not familiar with Boss Fight then you’re in store for a damn treat. These guys are former sculptors for Hasbro and I am sure you have picked up their work without even noticing it. With their vast talent and Fresh Monkey Fiction, Eagle Force should conquer the void left from G.I. Joe.

Now onto the really good news…..and this my friends comes right from Eagle Force themselves. They were responding to a fan’s question about what Eagle Force was/ is:

Well since you asked, we’re reintroducing Eagle Force to a new audience. The story will be modern day but we’re sticking with the continuity of the original line. So Capt. Eagle is now in his mid 60s, but still kicks major ass…think Clint Eastwood. We’ll be revisiting some of the old team, while also introducing some new characters. That’s all I’m saying for now….more will be revealed in the coming months.

Exciting things to come folks and we will continue to bring you all the news concerning this amazing toy line from yesteryear.