Secret Wars #9 Review

The final issue of Secret Wars is out and we can now see what made the All-New Marvel Universe the way that it is. As expected, it all comes down to Reed Richards against Doctor Doom. Does the finale live up to all that it could be, including the hype behind months of spin-off series and late comics?

Oh yeah… SPOILERS!

Secret Wars #9Secret Wars #9

(W) Jonathan Hickman
(A) Esad Ribic
(CA) Alex Ross
$4.99 / Rated T+ / In Shops: 1/13/2016



There was a lot of build-up to this issue and a lot of waiting for it to come out. It’s a little bit spoiled that the All-New Marvel Universe debuted before this issue came out, so we kind of knew that whatever happened, Reed Richards would probably not make it to the recreated universe.

Secret-Wars-009-014The buildup to the final battle between Reed and Doom is lacking in how abbreviated it is. T’Challa and Namor serve as very minor, albeit important players in this plan to stop Doom. It does have the feeling of being in the works for a long while, and definitely feels like a final battle, although both of them walk away from it. While it is a physical battle, it is clearly won by who is the more intelligent, and decided when Doom’s passion overrides his intelligence.

T’Challa does have a role in the restoration of the Marvel Universe, using the Reality Gem, although it seems that Reed and the Molecule Man are the power behind it. T’Challa gets to shape his reality, and we get a Wakanda much more involved in the world and taking the lead in exploring the All New Marvel Universe. We get what seems like an ending for Reed, Sue and their children that respects all of the growth that happened to them in the past few years. Heck, even Doom gets a happy ending out of this. Unfortunately, I doubt very seriously that it last much longer than a few years before someone feels the need to bring back the Fantastic Four.


The art is on par with the rest of the series, and while the delays have been problematic for me, I’m glad that Marvel did not use them as an excuse to squeeze in a fill-in artist. Doom’s battle with T’Challa gets a little confusing but it’s remedied by how clear the final battle between Reed and Doom is. The broad range of environments is handled perfectly and details are not left to the reader to imagine. I really liked the art throughout this entire series and this issue is no different.

Overall, this was an event that I thought was well done, and met it’s intended goals, which can’t be said for some we’ve endured in recent years. It was overall a good quality story rendered well.