Review: Starfire #1

I am old enough to remember Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s New Teen Titans, and one of the things I remember was at the wedding of Donna Troy, several women were talking about all of the men drooling over Starfire, and remarking out how they wanted to hate her, but couldn’t because she’s so darn nice. That’s how I remember Starfire, which what made me so disappointed in DC’s treatment of her over the years, culminating in her depiction in Red Hood and the Outlaws as “Nympho From Another Planet.”

Well, here’s another attempt to correct past mistakes, and writing this new series are Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, writing another comic with a female star, but can they make people care about Starfire?

Starfire 1bSTARFIRE #1

1:25 Variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

From the writers of the outrageous smash hit HARLEY QUINN comes former Outlaw Starfire in her all-new ongoing series! She’s an alien warrior princess trying to find peace on Earth, and she’ll fight anyone and anything to get it!

Starfire is written with almost the same voice as a stereotypical bimbo, but underneath it, there’s a very empathetic character there that is existing on Earth solely to help people, no matter how trivial the matter is. That element is so refreshing to see in the wake of the New 52. The incredibly hot female character that wants to be naked and can’t grasp why anyone has a problem with that is still there, and I hope this is the last that we see of it. Kori’s very sexual nature is something that I can learn to live with as long as it comes across as discerning and important to the story. Here, it helps establish a connection to a character that puts her where she needs to be at the end of this issue. Her dialogue still comes a little as an ignorant bimbo, but more in the ignorant realm, as in she’s generally ignorant of things everyone else takes for granted. It’s fine early on, but I really don’t want to see it become a running gag, and knowing Palmiotti and Conner, I don’t expect that it will be. There’s also a great little subplot between the local sheriff and her brother revolving around an incoming hurricane.


The artwork is very nice and in some parts, absolutely gorgeous. The scene where Kori is buying new clothes is amazing. There are times where the colors  covering up the line work gets noticeable. That’s a shame, because it’s mostly a great coloring job by Hi-Fi. Hi-Fi’s propensity to make the coloring noticeable is something that I’ve been bothered by before, but I want to reiterate, the work here is mostly excellent, and good at capturing the atmosphere of Key West.

Most of the problems I have with this issue is how much this character doesn’t seem like the Starfire that I knew from my youth, but for the first time in the New 52, I actually want to see more of this Starfire, and that’s not a bad thing at all.