Review: DC Comics Prez #2

It’s not often that the second issue of a series turns out better than the first, but when it does, it becomes something special. Years ago, back when I tried to highlight times when comics stepped up the plate and managed to do things other than show super-heroes hitting things, I gave up when there were just too few cases of comics managing to say something more universal than the basic plot. DC Comics’ Prez is changing all of that. 

Prez (2015-) 002-000PREZ #2

Art and cover by BEN CALDWELL
On sale JULY 15 • 32 pg, FC, 2 of 12, $2.99 US • RATED T

With the election in chaos and a Congress mired in corruption, Twitter sensation @corndoggirl becomes the first teenaged President of the United States!

Comics are capable of doing special things. It’s something that we forget far too often. I’m proud to say that the sixth page is one of those instances where comics show what they’re capable of. I got choked up. Mark Russell continued to make Beth Ross a character that I feel so bad that her life is falling apart right before everything is about to go insanely well for her. The missionaries that show up underscore this, right before a character shows up that made me squee.


Prez (2015-) 002-007The artwork by Ben Caldwell is great, capturing the “day after tomorrow” world of Prez. His figures are expressive, and his villains are not too much of a caricature. Beth is drawn as if she’s in completely over her head, but still has a look in her face that’s more mature than her age. The storytelling is very free-flowing, and the Senators are rendered in ways that show that we’re supposed to consider them as more immature than the first teenage president.

If there’s a flaw, it’s the way that Beth is elected. Without spoiling, it puts her into office not with a mandate or a broad base of support. This is how it differs from the first Prez, but in an era where even a President elected with a clear majority of the popular vote cannot claim a mandate, it seems kind of appropriate.

I’m in for the long hall, and I recommend that you pick this series up while you can.