Review: Les McClaine’s “32 Exposures”

Two years ago, Les McClaine started a short story called 32 exposures about a private eye hired to find out if a guy’s wife is cheating on him. This week, he published it on his web site. The detective is shaken by what he finds and the entire story is relayed by what he tells a bar full of people.

You have got to see this animated.

You have got to see this animated.

32 exposures

story and art by Les McClaine

I can’t give you any preview pages of the comic, partly because being only 9 pages long, it’ll spoil way too much to start, but to crop out part of Les’s fantastic pages or to shrink them down to thumbnails would not do them service.  Just click on the image to the right and check out everything with the animation intact.

Les has a wonderfully retro feel to his artwork, and to the story. This helps because in this day and age, there’s about a dozen different modern innovations that make the story elements not work. By keeping to the simple formula of a private eye story, and not trying to keep it modern, Les makes it timeless. Les also makes use of animated gifs to help accent the story, and while it might work just fine in print without the animation, online it completely makes the experience special. The framing of the story being related third person to the reader helps give it a legendary quality that a lesser writer would have missed.

Check it out and then share it with friends. Les is a fantastic cartoonist that more people should be aware of.