Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 is out now and this is the Resident Evil we have been waiting for. The game takes place on one set for almost the entirety of the game and puts a fairly different spin on the series in a very cool and very fresh way but making it feel like a Resident Evil game.

The series kicked off with a bang bringing fear and horror to home of millions in a way no other game could. Combining puzzles and shooting in a way no other game could and by taking advantage of clunky controls and weird camera angles, the horror came to life when you got cornered by zombies by purposely using the controls to make the game more tense. As technology advanced, so did the game. RE4 brought the game into 3rd person, bringing the horror closer and making the puzzles harder and more creative. Unfortunately, the series went downhill with RE5, Operation Racoon City, and RE6. Focusing on more action and less puzzles mad these games less tense and felt like just another zombie game.

When RE7 was announced, people we very concerned and with reason. The first announcement and demo included a first person view and no real zombies terrified people in a way that was not meant to be. Now that the game is out, fans were surprised when they started playing and told themselves, “this feels like the first time I played RE4”. The first person view is not only a great way to play this game but also made the game optimized for PS VR which brings the terror closer than any way we could have ever imagined. The puzzles are very original and the characters are more than we could have ever imagined.

This game is a masterpiece by all meanings of the word as RE fans are cowering in fear and not sleeping ever again.

I give this game 10 decapitated thumbs up out of 10