Preview: Surfacing Explores Mermaids Encountering Humans

We get these press releases for a lot of independent comics. Most of them are not to the level that I feel like they need to be. Rather than seem disingenuous, and promote something that I don’t feel has promise, I let them pass and go on my way. However, I still open these e-mails hoping for that comic that shows promise work checking out. Surfacing shows that promise that I hope for. I don’t know that this is the next We Can Never Go Home, but it does look rather good, and most importantly, like the creators are trying to do something with this book to make it worthy of the reader dropping five dollars on.

Check out the preview below, edited for profanity, and the press release. If you want to give the book a shot, there are ways to order the four issues available through Indyplanet and Comixology.

Surfacing: A new Comic about legendary Mermaids encountering Humans

Beautiful, monstrous, graceful, sinister, coy, sensual, shy, aggressive… these are only a few of the adjectives for mermaids that have captured the imaginations of people all over the world for centuries. But despite the differences of particular details, how is it that so many cultures have similar general descriptions of the same creature? Civilizations of people across the globe who haven’t had contact with each other, yet share amazingly similar stories?

With only 5% of our Earth’s oceans explored by humans, perhaps there are amazing secrets hidden within that unexplored 95%. Mysterious and intriguing secrets that only a few lucky people can even hope to catch a glimpse of in their lifetime.

Writer B. Alex Thompson and artist Nenad Cviticanin created Surfacing in order for readers to find the stories of these lucky (or unlucky) individuals.

Tales of suspense, romance, drama, and horror… stories as varied as the people who experience these chance encounters with beings only thought to be legend. But for better or for worse, they turn out to be oh, so real.

You can find Surfacing comics via Indyplanet as well as via Comixology.
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