Power of the Primes Dinobot Slug Review

Next up on our Dinobot tour is the Triceratops, Slug! I’m assuming he got a name change due to copyright issues hence why he’s no longer Slag.

Slug is a Deluxe Class Transformer. There is a definite G1 appearance here. All the details I remember from the original toy appear here as well.


Unlike Grimlock, Slug can only swivel his head back and forth. The Dinobot head/shroud makes it hard to actually turn the bot head, but it can turn.


Also unlike Grimlock, Slug has all paint app details! No stickers on this Dinobot! There are only a few painted (Tampo’d?) details, but they look really sharp.


Slug has a lot of articulation in Bot Mode. This allows for a variety of posing possibilities. The arms are a strong point for these Dinobots. In Slug’s case, the legs are no slouch either as there isn’t much to hinder the articulation.


Slug has a weapon! The gun appears to be inspired by G1 Slag’s Electron Blaster. Slug also comes with the Deluxe Class Prime Armor. This armor is different from the Voyager Class Prime Armor Grimlock had. You’ll notice while the Voyager armor looked like a foot, this armor looks like a hand…yeah, this will primarily be used with Volcanicus.


Since it’s called Prime Armor, it can be plugged into Slug’s chest as actual armor! You can also use it as a weapon. I guess it’s for if the Electron Blaster gets damaged? The clear piece can come out and be held as well. For what reason, I have no idea.


The Prime Armor can hold the Dinobot Enigma or a Prime Master/Titan Master figure. The armor can be plugged into Slug’s back in Dino Mode. This does make it look like some giant cannon or missile battery so that’s kinda cool.


Slug’s Dino mode looks great. It’s got that classic G1 Dinobot Triceratops look to it. I will point out the bot legs on mine were troublesome to transform into the back half of the Dino Mode. For some reason it took a lot of force to get them plug together. Could be just an isolated incident, bad transformation on my part or a slight design issue.


Slug’s Dino head looks good. The mouth can open a bit. I want to take a moment here and talk about the gold parts on all of the Dinobots. I love the design Hasbro made with these parts. They’re clear plastic with sculpted details on the inside and outside. They then paint the inside with gold. This gives it a clear plastic over a second gold plastic piece appearance. This is by far my favorite aspect for every Dinobot in this series.


Slug Titan Master Ports

Slug has two tiny pegs for Prime Master/Titan Master figures on his back. You can also use the Prime Armor hole in his back to hold the Electron Blaster.


Slug is a great figure. Both the Dino Mode and Bot Mode look good. The Bot Mode has a lot of great articulation. Just like Grimlock, the shoulders excel here. The addition of a classic, G1 inspired weapon is a nice touch. I still would like a sword for all of the Dinobots though.

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