Playmobil Toy Fair 2019

Playmobil had a wonderful showroom this year and for the very first time, we get to see the toys for the Playmobil movie! Yes there is a movie on the way and yes, the toys look amazing. There will be 2 series for the bling bags and look for playsets to coincide with the movie! Besides the movie toys, Playmobil also showcased toys for the new How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. 

Just take a look at both Toothless and Light Fury, they are amazing dragons and they come with children! Of course the riders are nice as well but DRAGONS!! You can never have enough dragons in a toy line folks. I have a feeling this line as a whole will be tough to get so if you see them, you need to buy them! 

Also show was new Ghostbuster items. We are getting a new Ecto-1 for the second film and more figures. For the first time, Playmobil will have collector items in window boxes and will follow the Playmobil standard. We will have a full press breakdown latter this week but for now enjoy the images!!