Pixie Trix Webcomics To End

Artist Gisèle Lagacé announced on her Facebook page that Pixie Trix Comix and its collection of webcomics, including Menage a 3, Dangerously Chloe, Eerie Cuties, Sandra On The Rocks, Sticky Dilly Buns, and Magick Chicks, will stop by January 2019. While money is cited as a major issue, Lagacé made a point to note that Menage a 3 had an end planned out around Volume 10. Here is the full text of her post.

“My next question is more of a statement really. I want to say that while I’m sad at the thought of Ma3 ending, I’ve enjoyed the ride since the start, and I can respect any reasons for ending it. That being said, I’m curious as to what is going to happen after that. Are you going to leave the webcomic scene for awhile and focus on other things? Are you going to return to some of the other projects you’ve put on the backburner? (Eerie Cuties, SDB, ect) Or are you going to start something entirely new? Can you give us some ideas? Thanks”
Right now, my plan is to end Ma3 (Menage a 3) with volume 10 and SDB (Sticky Dilly Buns) with a thicker volume 2. Volume 9 of Ma3 is in the can and a Kickstarter for that will go up in March/April 2018 (with vol 3 of SOTR (Sandra On The Rocks), which might end up being the last volume of SOTR). This coming January, I plan on dropping Ma3 to 2 updates a week and update SDB 1 a week. I seem to be able to handle 3 updates a week while still doing other outside work. That will bring the completion of volume 10 of Ma3 and volume 2 of SDB around January 2019. We’ll do another Kickstarter at that point, which will include DC (Dangerously Chloe) vol 3 (which will more than likely be the last volume of DC.) So yeah, around January 2019 (14-15 months from now,) all Pixie Trix series that are running now will have ended.
I can’t speak for everyone at Pixie Trix but I assume everyone is planning for what’s next. Ad money is in the shitter, and it’s not just us. Everyone is feeling it. I’m still unsure as to where webcomics are going at this point. I’m impressed by Webtoons, so you might see some of us go there with new projects. Again, still unsure here. It’s something we’ll be discussing in 2018. More than likely, we’ll keep doing Pixie Trix related mini series or what not that we think people will be interested in. How we fund these is to be determined.
People who think I’m making the big bucks ’cause I did some gigs at Archie/IDW/Dynamite are sadly mistaken. Most people in comics aren’t making the big bucks. I laugh when I hear someone say “oh, she works for Archie, she’s fine.” They don’t seem to realize that I’m freelance. I get a gig there maybe every 2 years, and it’s like 20 pages worth… so that’s like a month salary at best. Try living 24 months on that. And the same goes for IDW/Dynamite, etc. Just ’cause an artist is working for a publisher, it means nothing. For a freelancer to survive, gigs need to show up on a monthly basis. They rarely do.
Webcomics have been good to me. I’m one of the lucky ones who has been able to make an okay living off of it for years. With that said, it’s not what it was. Me accepting gigs outside of webcomics clearly shows that. It’s probably a good thing for me though as I’ll be able to explore and try new things, like the upcoming Exorsisters series I’m doing with Ian Boothby. I’m very excited about that.
So yeah… Ma3 (and other Pixie Trix series) might be ending soon, but I’m not done with comics. I’m one of the crazy ones who keeps doing them for whatever reason! 😉
EDIT: I just want to add here that we’re not ending Ma3 because of money reasons. It was always planned to be about 10 (or 12 max) volumes long. I’m also aware of Patreon, and may go that route in the future, but it’s not something I’m considering for MA3 right now. Basically, it wouldn’t make me change my mind here. Other Pixie Trix properties however ARE ending because of the money situation with ads, but again, like I said above, if said people decide to continue it by finding ways to fund it, I won’t stop them.

The webcomics landscape is going to be a little more lonely without Pixie Trix. I personally feel bad for not doing more to talk about how great these comics are, but for webcomics with mature subject matter, supporting themselves can be a tricky proposition. Web sites like ours need to strive to keep content all ages appropriate, and when links to a web page can lead readers to depictions of sex, it gets a little tricky to link to content readers may find objectionable. Personally, I don’t think there should be a problem with such a website or links to it, since everyone should be responsible for what they do online, and children’s Internet activity should be monitored. However, that is not the reality that we live in.

If you want to help out Pixie Trix and their creators, show them that there is a reason to try to take their webcomics to another platform, then head over to their store and buy some of the collections. There’s other merchandise there as well. so feel free to splurge while you can. Lagacé also touched on an important fact in that comic artists are usually freelancers and regular income is hard to come by. Patronizing an artist with a Patreon page or a Kickstarter is very important to not only their success, but their ability to devote time to creating comics.  As we enter the holiday season, please consider how you can help your favorite artist continue to produce great comics. Commissions are fine, but also great are buying merchandise (prints, books, stickers, completed art, etc.) directly from them.

Also, click on the ads. Webcomics do survive on those, and fewer webcomics is never a good thing.