Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Having a Comics Blowout

You may have noticed your Facebook feed blowing up with mentions of finding Comic Book hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks at crazy great prices. For those you not familiar with it, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is a chain of discount stores that feature buyouts and overstock from seasons past. Their motto of “Good Stuff Cheap!” is generally not exaggeration, especially when it comes to their book selection, often with a modest section of trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Word broke through social media that they had gotten in a massive shipment of discounted hardcovers and trade paperbacks for crazy cheap prices. Instantly, collectors, fans and connoisseurs of comics rushed to their nearest Ollie’s to get what they could.

This is what I bought at my local Ollie’s.

Primarily, this blowout selection was consisting almost entirely of DC product, including Showcase editions, a few DC Archives, and hardcover collections. Trade Paperbacks were usually priced at $2.99, hardcovers and Showcase editions were priced at $3.99, and from reports that I’ve read, Archives are $5.99. The highest price for anything I’ve seen reported is $7.99. They also have some stock of 10 comic packs of recent to 1990s comics which appear to be from a previous shipment and their usual assortment of various graphic novels, all at likewise good prices. Of course, for those looking to resale, there is the issue of the Ollie’s price sticker on the back of the books, nearly impossible to remove cleanly. However, some of the hardcovers are still shrink-wrapped and the price tag comes off of those quite nicely.

What kind of deals are to be had here? One report I read was a collector getting $859 worth of books for $141 with tax. Another post was $1400 worth of books for $250. Choice books can be found, but the selection tends to vary from region to region. There were no DC Archives at the store I visited, and there are varying reports of titles including a collection of Will Elder’s early work on Mad and Neal Adams’s Batman Odyssey. I recommend hitting them soon, because word has gotten out and soon, the best selection will be gone. To find an Ollie’s near you, just visit their website.