No regrets! Geek Parenting 101

I don’t have regrets. It seems like a healthier way to live. I do have missed opportunities, so since The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is discussing regrets, I’ll take a moment to discuss a few missed opportunities that date me and probably tell you about my geek type.My most recent regret is not gaming enough. I always put it off and said I would later. Now, I have a beautiful daughter that doesn’t let me sleep and would eat my dice. I don’t regret the hours not plugged into a video game system, but I do miss the hours I could have had rolling dice across the table top. This of course is fueled partially because of Wheadon’s Geek and Sundry Table Top that persists in showing me all of the games I could be playing right now.  Wheadon! (Insert Sheldon Cooper imitation here) Wheadon!

leaguelogo_smallHeck, Big Bang is also partially to blame. I want to play Catan or Mario Jenga with them around that table in the Nerd Nirvana that they’ve created in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment.

Game of Thrones is partially responsible. Being immersed in a fantasy world–I’m catching up on the DVDs and books finally—always makes me want to take up archery, take up fencing, and the much more realistic stage a campaign across a table top for the afternoon.

I’ve been looking for a way to work a little gaming in after my daughter goes to bed for the night, so I’m looking for 2 player quick games that are fun. Uno Dice, Catan Dice, and a few other short games have fit the bill so far but I’m always looking for more. BTW, these aren’t always games loved on the internet forums, but I’m quickly realizing that some of those players have way more time and resources than I do. A can of Uno Dice from Wal-Mart’s clearance aisle was a great night for what I needed last weekend.  Of course, I also need my daughter to sleep through the night and let my wife and I have our play time but that isn’t something I can buy at the local game shop.

My wife and I are searching for the perfect evening super hero themed card game. I skipped Overpower when it rolled out and landed at my local high school. I was obsessed with Uno back then and found Overpower convoluted. Now, I’m trying to track down starter decks and character sets so we can experience that head to head action—which looks simple compared to a MTG deck. Luckily, this game isn’t exactly rare or valuable but just a pain to find locally and the all powerful internet has provided a clue.

Looking for a similar buzz, and nearly just as late, I found myself buying heavily into Upper Deck’s one year Overpower-type game Marvel Ultimate Battles. Fast play sounds good. Stream lined rules sounds good. Not being able to grab a starter pack or two for the game mats locally is only a minor stumbling block. Being able to find booster packs with Hero cards and Allies at the local Dollar Tree is a plus!

Super Hero Squad had a similar fast kiddie game? Now I’ll need to eBay that.

Games like Overpower, Ultimate Battles, and this Super Hero Squad card game have short shelf lives compared to MTG, Pokemon, and the staples of that rack. I don’t regret not buying in when these were everywhere, but being able find them easier now that I’m motivated to play them would be nice. Oh well. The internet fixes all access problems.

Hopefully when my wife and I grow weary of these evening card games and move on to the next source of entertainment, these will sit well in the closet until my daughter discovers them.

Like Nerd Out With Me!, I also wish I’d invested more time and money in Legos. I have an impressive trashcan full of little bitty Lego parts but it won’t build some of the cities I’ve seen built. Great memories but I’d like to have had more.

I have very few action figure regrets. Perhaps I put too much money into MOTU 200x or G.I. Joe. Neither are being displayed at my house so perhaps that money could be better used, but  oh well. They’ll come out of the attic and closets one day if Toy Story is to be believed.

Perhaps I have some eye rolling and “but dad” in my future, but I hope to be able to share my geekdom with my daughter as she grows. She can already spot Doc Oc in my favorite comic book shop and in her Super Hero Squad board book, but not in the Web Swingers card game because of the design they’ve chosen. Since she’s less than 2 I’ll take it. She still walks around with a stuffed Venom as often as Elmo, so I’ll declare that a victory too.

Perhaps my lack of regret is philosophical, or perhaps it is an avocation to procreate and spread geekdom! You can decide.