New Third Part Bruticus Coming?

Warbotron has released images today of their not version of a G1 Bruticus (and combaticons). This group jumped right to the point and revealed all of their figures and alt-modes. This one looks huge to say the least. As more information comes we will be sure to post it here along with pre order information.

UPDATE:  This is the latest news concerning WB-01 right from Warbotron. WB-01 is one of combiner form Warbotron team, final product preorder will be on Nov. and we will release more information at that moment.

There you go folks. Mark your calender for November for the first round of pre orders  for the first combiner from the Warbotron team

Now the question remains, will they release individual combaticons or go straight for the gusto and release Bruticus. Discuss your thoughts to this here!


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