New Sectaurs Kickstarter Coming Soon

Now this is one kickstarter I can get behind. While the start of the Kickstarter is months away, Zica toys is posting new Sectaurs one a month! Once all the reveals are done then it will be time to get down to business. I know some have doubts about it going live (due to the issues with the late Eagle Force) but I have a good feeling about this. Zica has posted three reveals and here they are!

Also if you like this Kickstarter, boy do I have another one you all might like. I cannot give too much of it away nor can I tell you the name but I will let you know this. It deals with a WW1 theme mixed with steampunk and bugs. Once revealed you will see the connection.  I have seen some of the work and a few of the figures and they look awesome! More on that latter.