New Packaging and Box Illustrations for Upcoming Play Arts Kai Variant Figures

Lead designer for Square Enix Play Arts Kai has been blowing up Twitter and these you want to see! Hidemi Matsuzuka has shared a bunch of new images that have centered around the packaging and box illustrations  for several upcoming Play Arts Kai figures. The most notable one is the upcoming Boba Fett! But there is more. Check out the list below and look at the glorious images.


  • Marvel Variant Iron Man
  • Marvel Variant Spider-Man
  • Batman Timeless: Wild West Batman
  • Star Wars Variant Boba Fett

Play-Arts-Variant-Batman-Timeless-Wild-West-Batman Play-Arts-Variant-Marvel-Iron-Man-Packaging-Illustration Play-Arts-Variant-Marvel-Spider-Man-Packaging Play-Arts-Variant-Star-Wars-Boba-Fett