New G.I. Joe Club Exclusives Now Up For Order!

Attention all G.I. Joe Club members, Cross Country and the HAVOK MKII is now up for pre-order with a ship date of late April. If your current on your membership then click HERE to order them both. Remember ONLY 1 per membership.


Approximate ship date end of April 2014.

Cross-Country’s father was a bulldozer operator and his mother drove a grader in the south. You might say this good ol’country boy was born to drive big things that run on diesel. His natural affinity for heavy machinery, uncanny sense of direction and fearlessness under fire make him the man you want at the controls whether you’re riding into a hairy situation or trying to get out of one!

No matter what vehicle Cross-Country operates, he has a talent for sensing the most adorable grade. the shallowest mud, and the firmest sand that makes the difference in any combat scenario. His current favorite is an off-road vehicle. The result is a man and machine that make their own roads to battle the evil forces of COBRA. Heavy Assault Vehicle Ordance Carrier.

crosscountryCARD_500px havokII500px