Needless Toys and Collectibles 2017 Show Schedule

This is our 2017 schedule year to date minus the rest of Oct, Nov and December. Look for us at these shows and hopefully more. Our goal is to hit 30 shows this year. We already have 4 down for January and the first part of February. Some will be added and a few will be removed. My point here is we will be very active this year and we will be promoting the website! We are still wanting to do more in Georgia and Florida so look for updates for those as well. 

Needless Toys 2017 schedule

February 18-20- New York Toy Fair- MEDIA ONLY
February 25-26 – Charleston, SC – Captain’s Comic Expo
March 4 – Morganton, NC – Morganton Comic Con- PENDING
March 11- Hickory Toy Hobby Sportscard show
March 12 – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Comicon
March 18-19 – Raleigh, NC – Oak City Comicon
April 1 – Clemons, NC – The April Fools Comic & Toy Expo
April 8-9 – Knoxville, TN – Marble City Comicon- PENDING
April 22 – Winston-Salem, NC – Winston Salem ComicCon 2017- PENDING

April 20-23- Florida- Star Wars Celebration- MEDIA ONLY
May 13 – Virginia Beach, VA – Tidewater Comicon – PENDING
May 20- Hickory Toy Hobby Sportscard show
May 25-28- Mega Con, Florida
June 3 – Hickory, NC – Hickory Comic Con
June 16-18 – Charlotte, NC – HeroesCon

June 16-18- Florida- Joe Con- MEDIA ONLY
July 8 – Statesville, NC –
July 15 – Shelby, NC –

July 22- Lincolnton, NC- lincolnton Comic Con 
July 28-30, Tampa Bay Comic Con- PENDING
August 20 – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Comicon
August 26, 27 – Columbia, SC – Soda City Comic Con
September 16-17 – Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Comicon- PENDING
September 22-24- Baltimore Comic Con- Pending
October 7- Hickory Toy Hobby Sportscard show
October 14, 15 – Fayetteville, NC – Fayetteville Comic Con
November 18-19- Greensboro

Also we will be removing the Amazon store and adding our own store in the very near future. Look for our web store to launch sometime this Summer under the Square banner! More on that latter. Here are some past images of shows we have done. This will give you an idea on what we offer.