Needless Market Watch- Totally Awesome Hulk #22 (Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Part 6)

Heads up folks, we have a scorcher right here! This book is scheduled to hit next week and it’s on fire!! By now you all know the drill, hit the shops before the speculators if you want this issue. This series has been spectacular to say the least. Crossovers can be tedious but Weapons of Mutant Destruction has been great! Look for a full review once this story arc is completed but for now you must secure this book!

This issue brings us a brand new character to the Marvel Universe and it has potential to be a major key. Batch H is awake and pissed! Hulk has nearly sold out online and Ebay (where I had to get mine dangit). You have been warned, I would imagine that Marvel will run a second printing but nothing is announced yet. Good luck fellow readers and let us know what you found.

Finally look for a semi reboot in a week or so. While we will still hit new books, we will be shifting focus to the back issue bin. The more you know the better decisions you could make for your collection! More to come!