Needless Essentials Online Presents Collectors Showcase!

I wanted to bring a new column to Needless and I figured a collectors showcase would be a perfect fit. This would be a monthly article that would compose of an interview and of course pictures from that individuals collection. Lets face it, we are all proud of our collections, big or small, it matters not and why not show them off! 

To kick things off I will showcase a portion of my collection. As you see I am a Joe fan but I do dabble in other lines as well. You will see Star Wars, Transformers and some koto pieces in these pics. This is roughly 20% of what I own. Out of everything though I do have one special piece. This piece is not valuable by no means but it holds a significant amount of nostalgia for myself. It is a tiny die-cast G.I. Joe MMS Missile system from 1983 I do believe. I picked this piece up at Kokomo Toys last year while I was at Joe Con. For starters I wanted to go to Kokomo so bad, it was not funny. What an awesome shop this was and trust me, it was glorious. While talking to the owner Todd Jordan I saw this MMS sitting on the counter. I had one as a kid but as an adult collector this piece eluded me for some time. I wanted it and he politely took my money. Now this piece represents a part of my childhood and it reminds me of the awesome time I had at Kokomo Toys.

So with my initial collection posted lets look forward to the official start of this column next month! I have some treats lined up and collections I cannot wait to show off. If you would like to be in this showcase send me a message via Facebook. If we get enough interest built up then we can make this a weekly series. Also be prepared to answer a few questions for the interview though. Trust me it will be harmless.


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