Saturn Girl: Needless Character Analysis

Saturn Girl was one of the three founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Spend a little time in the comics section of our site and you’ll notice some serious Legion love here. Inspired by an article on another web site about the Legion, I’ve decided to do another of our character analyses on one of the founders of the Legion, Saturn Girl.

5434Imra Ardeen was born on Titan in the 30th century. Every inhabitant of Titan had telpathic powers, but Imra’s were extraordinary. She was travelling to Earth to join the Science Police where she could put her abilities to good use, when another passenger, billionaire star builder R.J. Brande was the target of an assassination attempt. Imra detected the malicious thoughts of the would be assassins and two other passengers, Garth Ranzz and Rokk Krinn apprehended them. R.J. Brande suggested that the three teenagers form a group of teenagers to serve as heroes, much like Superboy had a thousand years before. In time, many other young heroes would join them to form the Legion of Super-Heroes, including their inspiration, Superboy himself.

As Cosmic Boy, as Rokk Krinn had come to call himself, was nearing the end of his second term as Legion leader, Saturn Girl received a message that a Legionnaire would die defending the Earth from Zaryan the Conqueror. Using her mental powers, she compelled the Legionnaires to elect her leader. She then siphoned off their powers and grounded them for failing tests that she had imposed. Being the only active member, she went off to be the one to die. However, Mon-El had observed this from the Phantom Zone and warned Lightning Lad, who sacrificed himself to save Saturn Girl. Later, she attempted to do the same to resurrect Lightning Lad by rigging a device to channel her life force into a device to resurrect him. However, she was replaced by Chameleon Boy‘s telepathic pet Proty.

After his resurrection, Saturn Girl served two consecutive terms as leader, and developed her romantic relationship with Lightning Lad. During the 1970s, she changed her costume to an all pink, bikini-style outfit with long gloves and tall boots. She and Lightning Lad also became the second set of Legionnaires to marry and thus resign under a provision of the Legion constitution prohibiting married members. After she and Lightning Lad were pivotal in the Legion prevailing during the Earthwar, they both came back to the Legion, where Lightning Lad was elected leader.

legos01_cvrFollowing a brief period of depression and illness brought on by Lightning Lad’s failure as leader, he and Saturn Girl started a family and resigned from the Legion. Unknown to them, Darkseid stole one of their twin sons and transformed him and sent him in back in time as Validus of the Fatal Five. Eventually Validus was restored and returned to his parents.

Imra found herself among the Legionnaires exiled to a prison planet by Universo while he took over Earth. Along with Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, and Dream Girl, she escaped and was the one that defeated Universo, freeing billions from his hypnotic control. She was readmitted to the Legion where she served until the end of the third Legion series, in 1989, although she did participate in a conspiracy of four Legionnaires to kill the Time Trapper in revenge for the death of Superboy.

Imra was one of the most powerful telepaths in the 30th century, having almost no equal. Her abilities were often pivotal in Legion victories and she was often looked to for leadership by other Legionnaires, despite not being in a leadership role. Her personality had a tendency to be cold, but she was very quick to make jokes, especially at her husband’s expense.

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