Minimates Falcon & Antman – Random Toys

Toys based on Civil War have been trickling out the past few months and this week we’re looking at one of the newest ones, the Toys R Us exclusive Civil War Minimates Falcon & Antman set.

Minimates Falcon 001This is part of the second wave of Civil War Minimates that TRU has carried. The packaging is the same as the previous wave. The Minimates Falcon & Antman set is the only TRU exclusive set in this wave and has the typical foil sticker to show that it’s a store exclusive.



Minimates Falcon 002Scott Lang, AKA: Antman, is the first figure in this set. The Minimate figure features Ant-Man’s Civil War costume with a printed deco over the full figure. The helmet is sculpted.




Minimates Falcon 003The helmet can be removed and you can plug a hair piece on the head underneath. Scott has a mad appearance on his face.





Minimates Falcon 004The figure is a good likeness of Ant-man. The fact that the helmet is a slip on helmet means you can display him with all of his alternate pieces (the hairpiece) by just having him hold the helmet.




Minimates Falcon 005While Ant-Man is the same size as most Minimates, since it is a smaller figure, you can play with him as if he is in his miniaturized form which adds to the play value of such figures.





Minimates Falcon 006Falcon is the main reason I grabbed this set. Sam is seen here wearing his Civil War outfit (also seen in Ant-Man and AOU) The outfit is mostly painted on. The backpack is a sculpted piece that attaches to his neck. The arms have some sculpted pieces along with the wings.



Minimates Falcon 007Just like the previous Minimates Falcon figure, this one has a removable goggles piece. The goggles are translucent with painted details and fit well on Falcon’s head. Much like Ant-Man, Falcon has a determined/mad facial expression which works well for battle scenes.



Minimates Falcon 008Falcon comes with a single peg flight stand, but what was a surprise was the sculpted Redwing drone that comes with it’s own flight stand! Redwing is nicely sculpted and fits the generic flight stand well to simulate flight (or hovering)



Minimates Falcon 009Unlike many other Falcon figures, both Minimates Falcon figures come with weapons! There’s only one gun this time, but it’s still more than any other Falcons have come with. You can see here that the wings have a single articulation point. The shoulders have a peg on them that the wings attach to. This allows for some dynamic poses in flight…


Minimates Falcon 010…and allows you to have a wingless Minimates Falcon figure to run around and remotely control Redwing.





Minimates Falcon 011As I mentioned, this is the second Minimates Falcon figure and I believe it’s an upgrade from the first one. This Falcon is much more sleeker looking and I love how the wings look now. There is a little limited poseability due to them still connecting to the shoulders, but they definitely have better poseability than the first Minimates Falcon wings.