Mezco To Continue Sons of Anarchy Figure Line

Mezco sent out a press release stating that the figure and collectibles lines for Sons of Anarchy will continue. This is good news for the fans who will miss this amazing show! Read on for all the details and info on the next wave of figures. 

New York- As millions of fans anxiously await the series finale of Sons Of Anarchy, Mezco Toyz prepares the next wave of SAMCRO collectibles. “So far we have several Jax and Clay figures available as well as plush figures of Opie, Jax, and Clay” said Mezco’s Mike Drake “In 2015 we’ll have a 12 inch version of Jax as well as figures of Gemma and Opie.”

Speculation about Jax’s fate in tonight’s finale runs rampant. The show’s creator has indicated that the character of Jax is loosely based on that of Hamlet, and things didn’t turn out very well for Hamlet in the end.

But even if Jax does end up on a mortuary slab like so many of his costars, fans aren’t ready to let him go just yet.

Walter White (SPOILER ALERT) died at the end of Breaking Bad but the demand for figures based on that character remain huge. “We know Sons Of Anarchy fans are a dedicated crew, and we know no matter what happens tonight they will continue to want SOA figures, that’s why Mezco is continuing the line well into the future.”

Mezco’s extensive lineup of Sons Of Anarchy collectibles re available at
As well as at other fine retailers.

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