Mego Invisible Man Review

Mego has released a new wave of eight inch, retro styled figures. Today we’re trying our best to see the Invisible Man!


The cardbacks for wave 4 are a bit different from the previous three waves of figures. This is probably due in part to Target’s retailer exclusivity ending. I know Target had a say in some of the character selections during this past year and I believe Target may have had a say in the packaging design as well. The packaging now has images of the character on the front and back of the card.


The Invisible Man is wearing a basic black suit with a clear head and hands


It’s interesting to note that due to the head being clear rubber and rotocast, you can see where the thickness of the rubber changes inside the head. I’m not sure if the Invisible Man reuses a headsculpt or is an all new one. I compared it to Tony from the I dream of Jeannie two pack and it doesn’t look like him. However, it kinda looks like the Al Bundy head, but I’m not a hundred percent sure as I’m only looking at online pictures.


Once you take the coat off, you notice two details. One, the undershirt has no sleeves. This is how the vintage Frankenstein’s clothes were designed, however, Mego’s Norm from last year had full sleeves. I’m undecided on which design I like better as they both have pluses and minuses.

The second detail you’ll notice is that not only does the Invisible Man have clear hands and head, but the whole body is clear!


I was hoping the full figure would be clear so this is a very happy surprise. The body is the same construction as all Mego figures. The limbs are more clear than the body or head is, though all are still pretty clear. I especially like that on this figure they used either clear or white rubber bands instead of the black ones I’ve seen on other new Mego figures.


The Invisible Man comes with only one accessory, a beaker of the invisibility formula! The beaker is translucent yellow with a painted green foam spilling over the edge.


One of my concerns with a clear Mego figure is that the clear plastic is too rigid and will break easily. Add in the fact that Mego hands are already sculpted in a way that doesn’t lend them to holding objects and I was sure the beaker would be useless. Thankfully it appears that the hands (and most of the figure) are made from a flexible plastic that allows the hand to be opened up enough to hold the beaker. This alleviates many of my fears of clear figures breaking.


So, final verdict on Mego’s Invisible Man? I like it. The fully clear figure is good and I like the beaker accessory. The suit is ok. I wish the Invisible Man came with some goggles and maybe a cloth piece to go over his head simulating the gauze bandages seen on the packaging.

This may not be the best monster Mego has made in the new series, but it’s still a decent figure and I’m glad to add it to my collection. Also, there’s the potential of a super easy Iceman custom with this figure.