Marvel’s Diversity Problem.

There’s talk this week of Marvel’s creative teams for the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” looking very, very white. Of the titles we covered from the All-New, All-Different Marvel Preview, we are seeing a little bit of diversity, stressing on the word little. There are four female writers, two working together, and one non-white male. Before you start defending Marvel, realize that these five writers are only responsible for five of the forty-five titles Marvel has announced.

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I am not going to call Marvel racist or sexist, mainly because I don’t believe that they are. If they were, then all of the signs would be there, with a complete lack of minority and female writers, artists, editors and lead characters. However with a minority representation worse than the U.S Congress, then the goal should not be to avoid being racist, but to avoid the appearance of being racist. Should Marvel actively hire minorities at the cost on passing on very good writers with good ideas on how to craft good stories?

When you look around and see only white faces, then the word should go down to editors to be aware of race. If nothing else, take a look inward at the decisions that you have been making and if you are even subconsciously just hiring the white men? It’s one thing to write strong female characters, but another to hire strong women to write them. Only time will tell if the All-New All-Different Marvel will be any good, but if it’s not, then maybe it’s time to hire new writers with a different outlook and a different background.

I was hesitant to even write this article, but I would rather the discussion in comics be about the comics and not about whether or not one of the two largest publishers is racist or not. The only way it seems that I can get that is if we get great minority writers work at Marvel and DC. That being said, let’s knock this crap off and make some good comics, and stop making bad ones. If a writer produces bad comics, then don’t keep them around.