Loyal Subjects- Toy Fair 2019

Loyal Subjects had a few surprises this weekend. One said surprise we could not take photos of but we took notes! Look for Fox Animated figures to hit soon and we will have both standard retail and exclusive retail. Here is the breakdown:
Retailer exclusive set includes Bob, Louise, GITD Bob (Bob’s Burgers), Scrat, Stan Smith, Brian Griffin, Bobby Hill, Dale Gribble. 
Regular release includes Bob, Louise, Tina, Gene, Sid, Peter Griffin, Stewie, Hank Hill, Boomhauer and Roger. 
My Hero Academia
Izuku, Kitsuki, Toshinori, All Might, Tsoyu, Shoto Presents, Mic, Eagleshot, Ochaco, Endeavor, Eraser Head, Stain, Mr Compress, All for One and Tengi** please note, spelling might be off on a few, I do apologize. 
One Punch Man was also show but we were unable to compile the list due to time.