Loot Crate: Game Code Giveaway!

We’ve enjoyed reviewing Loot Crates this year and thought we’d have a contest for our readers. So we’re giving away many of the downloadable game codes we’ve gotten in the past few Loot Crates!


Starting right now, every person who leaves a comment below stating what Loot Crate item they like the best will be entered into a random drawing for 6 Loot Crate Game Codes!

Lootcrate Game Codes

The codes up for grabs are:

MLG 1 Month Gamebattles Access Code
MLG Exclusive Loot Crate Badge Code
Doctor Who Legacy Code (Unlocks 11 Doctors, Rose, Clara & K-9)
Defense Grid: The Awakening Game Code
Gauntlet Code (Unlocks in-game helm: Mask of the Wyrm Slayer)
Smite Code (Unlocks Thantos & Jack the Ripper Skin)

6 codes all for one winner! You just need to comment what your favorite Loot Crate item has been. I’m at a toss up for what my favorite item is. Both the Marty McPrime and Joki T-Shirts have won first place for me.

June Loot Crate 01

July Loot Crate 08 Joki Shirt

You can see all the Loot Crates we’ve reviewed here LOOT CRATES but don’t limit your choices to just the crates we’ve reviewed, you can post any item you’ve gotten from the Loot Crate guys!


Contest Details:
Contestants must post a comment below naming their favorite Loot Crate item between 7:00am EST Sunday, October 19th – 12:00am EST Thursday, October 23rd (That is Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning)

Winner will be announced on Thursday, October 23rd and will have 2 days to email us to receive game codes and instructions for use.