Look What Popped up On Toys R Us.com…..Soundwave!

Oh heck yeah!! This has been the Transformer I have been waiting for! Now there is a catch, it’s not actually up just yet BUT we have the page saved and so can you. July 18th is the day and we have the link.

Transformers Masterpiece – Soundwave (not available for purchase online until July 18th, 2013)

pTRU1-15104021_alternate1_enh-z6 pTRU1-15104021_alternate2_enh-z6 pTRU1-15104021enh-z6

  • buji

    seems like this has been taken down for the toys r us website? Its no longer showing up in the search……

  • Tracy Isenhour

    Ahh, this is bad but he will be out. Maybe that’s a smart move for TRU but we will see. Nothing beats a ton of fanboys and gals crashing their system. I know I will be on the hunt big time for this