Leader Class Skywarp and Generations Combiner Wars Legends 2016

Check out the official images of the Combiner Wars Legends and leader Class SkyWarp! Generations Combiner Wars Legends 2015 Wave 4:

  • Leader Skywarp

Generations Combiner Wars Legends 2016 Wave 1:

  • Buzz Saw¬†
  • Chop Shop
  • Pipes
  • Shockwave

Generations Legends Wreckgar- Series 2!!



Leader Skywarp Robot LEADER SKYWARP Vehicle

Legends_Buzzsaw_Beast_foil Legends_Buzzsaw_Device_foil Legends_Buzzsaw_Vehicle_foil

Legends_Chopshop_Robot Legends_Chopshop_Vehicle

Legends_Pipes_Robot Legends_Pipes_Vehicle

Legends_Shockwave_Robot Legends_Shockwave_Vehicle