Kotobukiya Toy Fair 2014! New Avengers, Bishoujo & More

Kotobukiya had a great presence at this year’s Toy Fair. Some of the key highlights included the reveal of the StarFire  Bishoujo statue which was teased just a day before. Also on hand were the upcoming Spider Woman Bishoujo and Tekken/ Street Fighter Bishoujo statues.

The Avengers was displayed as a group and the upcoming Iron Man was revealed. The reveals did not stop with the Avengers as Star Wars also had a few surprises. The ARTFX line will get a Chewi and Han 2 pack. Luke and Leia will follow suit.  Check out the full gallery below.

IMG_4012_1024x683 IMG_4013_1024x683 IMG_4014_1024x683 IMG_4015_1024x683 IMG_4016_1024x683 IMG_4017_1024x683 IMG_4018_1024x683 IMG_4019_1024x683 IMG_4020_1024x683 IMG_4021_1024x683 IMG_4022_1024x683 IMG_4023_1024x683 IMG_4024_1024x683 IMG_4025_1024x683 IMG_4026_1024x683 IMG_4027_1024x683 IMG_4028_1024x683 IMG_4029_1024x683 IMG_4030_1024x683 IMG_4031_1024x683 IMG_4032_1024x683 IMG_4033_1024x683 IMG_4034_1024x683 IMG_4035_1024x683 IMG_4036_1024x683 IMG_4037_1024x683 IMG_4038_1024x683 IMG_4039_1024x683 IMG_4040_1024x683 IMG_4041_1024x683 IMG_4042_1024x683 IMG_4043_1024x683 IMG_4044_1024x683 IMG_4045_1024x683 IMG_4046_1024x683 IMG_4047_1024x683 IMG_4048_1024x683 IMG_4049_1024x683 IMG_4050_1024x683 IMG_4051_1024x683 IMG_4052_1024x683 IMG_4053_1024x683 IMG_4054_1024x683 IMG_4055_1024x683 IMG_4056_1024x683 IMG_4057_1024x683 IMG_4058_1024x683 IMG_4059_1024x683 IMG_4060_1024x683 IMG_4061_1024x683 IMG_4062_1024x683 IMG_4063_1024x683 IMG_4064_1024x683 IMG_4065_1024x683 IMG_4066_1024x683 IMG_4067_1024x683 IMG_4068_1024x683 IMG_4069_1024x683 IMG_4070_1024x683