Kotobukiya Consumer Alert!

 Kotobukiya posted a consumer alert warning fans about counterfeit products. If you buy anything from Kotobukiya then please read on for the details.

It has come to our attention that a company going by the name “Crazy Toys” is engaging in fraudulent and unlawful activity by manufacturing and distributing counterfeits of our Justice League ARTFX+ statues. Imitations of Superman and Green Lantern have currently begun to surface on the market. In an effort to inform and protect our customers from these inferior products we are providing the following insights as a general guideline of characteristics these bootlegs exhibit:

Product packaging consists of a cardboard box with wrap-around graphics and die-cut viewing window

Poor casting resulting in a lack of detail retention on the statue

Usage of inferior materials prone to warping and distortion

Missing or poorly applied paint

Magnets absent from the bottom of the statue’s feet

Bases missing the Justice League emblem or it remains unpainted

Kotobukiya appreciates your continued support and commitment when it comes to purchasing only officially licensed and manufactured products. If you have reason to believe a retailer is passing these items off as official ARTFX+ releases please contact us at questions@kotous.com.

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