Kokomo Toys Relocation is Now Complete!! Now W/ More Images!!

Good news toy fans! If you are not aware, Kokomo Toys moved to a new location and we just got word that they are finished! Who-Hoo!! I had the pleasure of visiting the old location and what an experience it is. When I say it’s a fun experience I am not kidding and this new location looks even hotter! Congrats goes to Todd & Amber Jordan for completing this amazing task. I know I cannot wait to visit the new store and I am 10 hours away. If your ever in Indiana make this shop a must stop and see what we gush over them. Latter today we will get the new reopening date so stay tuned.

Update!!! Now open starting 2/8 this Saturday. Our hours are now 11-6 Monday through Saturday.

We are finished!! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. The City of Kokomo, Fortune Management, Whinchester Construction, The Downtown Administration and most of all our awesome customers! Look for a reopening date to be announced later today.



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