Kmart Reveals Special Forces TIE Fighter Packaging reveals Star Wars 6″ Black Special Forces TIE Fighter packaging. This is our first glimpse of the actual packaging for this huge vehicle. Hopefully this sells well and Hasbro will give fans more vehicles of this scale. Check out the boxed images below.  

Re-create the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures and vehicles from The Black Series! The elite starfighter pilots of the First Order have access to specialized craft, such as two-seater TIE craft outfitted with enhanced weapons and sensor systems. Pilots launch into combat aboard these advanced fighter craft, hunting down enemy vessels and protecting space around installations and warships.

This massive First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter vehicle fits 2 6-inch-scale Black Series figures inside its cockpit (includes one First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Elite figure; additional figures sold separately). Designed with exacting attention to detail, both vehicle and figure feature the true-to-story accuracy that Star Wars fans expect. No collection, or adventure, is complete without this 6-inch-scale Black Series vehicle. Build up an epic collection with all the figures and vehicles from The Black Series. Each sold separately.

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