Prior to its release, Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s JUPITER’S LEGACY was speculated to be the comics event of 2013. Now, three issues and a tremendous shift in status quo later, the inevitable has happened!

Quitely and Millar’s tale of what happens when the first wave of superheroes grow old while their children enjoy a life of celebrity, sex, and drugs has seen record-breaking sales, enthusiastic reactions from fans, and fascinating speculation on where this maxi-series could go next. In light of the overwhelming success of JUPITER’S LEGACY, Image Comics is honored to present 64 pages of content for only $3.99 in JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1, a collection of the first three issues of one of the biggest series of 2013.
Releasing December 26th, JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1 is the perfect opportunity for readers to get in on the ground floor of this series in time for the release of the fourth issue in January 2014. After the shocking and unprecedented events in JUPITER’S LEGACY #3, everything we know is wrong. The story can go anywhere, the cast can do anything, and, depending on their point of view, the world is either their prison…or their oyster. Who lives? Who dies? Who will save us all from the superhero revolution?
JUPITER’S LEGACY has garnered rave reviews from the press and cultivated a cult following readership. A taste of the praise for JUPITER’S LEGACY:
“Together, Millar and Quitely have constructed a world as rich and vibrant as our own.” –Melissa Grey, IGN
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 is a strong debut… this is a book to be proud of.” –Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources
“I wish more creators were willing to push the boundaries of the genre in such a compelling way.” –Patrick Hume, Newsarama
“The comic book ‘event’ of 2013.” –Vince Ostrowski, Multiversity Comics
Shake off the post-holiday slump with JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1, featuring 64 pages of hard-hitting comics from two of the finest creators working in comics today. Available on 12/26, JUPITER’S LEGACY GIANT-SIZED EDITION #1 features a cover by legendary comics artist John Cassaday and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code OCT138155.
JUPITER’S LEGACY #4 will be available with three different covers at a price point of $2.99. Cover A features art by series artist Frank Quietly (Diamond Code AUG130699), cover B features art by Bryan Hitch (Diamond Code AUG130700), and cover C features art by Ian McQue (Diamond Code OCT138154). JUPITER’S LEGACY #4 will be in stores on 1/1.



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