Joe Con- The Final Twelve and More

While Joe Con as a whole is wrapped, the Club is not quite done just yet. With Hasbro’s approval and a firm deadline to ship by the end of the year, we have more toys coming! We will have 1 three pack, one figure/ vehicle combo and 6 2-pack figure sets dubbed the final 12. Read on for more! 

Joe Con was bittersweet and look for the full write up tomorrow but right now, we are talking about new toys from the Collectors Club! The previously announced Night Stalker 3-Pack is still being released in the 4th quarter and will include three different ethnically diverse head sculpts, using the same builds as the GIJCC female COBRA Troopers. 

Not to be outdone, we will have a Ninja Force Zartan to add to the Heart wrencher set from earlier this year. My advise, don’t miss the pre-order window. Fans have been clamoring for this figure and now we are going to get him. 

The Final 12. 

I guess you can consider this FSS 10.0 but instead of single carded figures, we will be getting 2 pack sets. Many Joe Fans were ecstatic to this news as these figures are aimed to complete con sets, themes and more. I was thrilled with the news and I know it took some pull with Hasbro to get these going. Look for the following: 

Slaughter Marauder’s Barbecue and Low Light

Adventure Team vs. Coils O’Doom

Sonic Fighter Dodger vs Sonic Fighter Viper

Sonic Fighter Falcon vs Sonic Fighter Road Pig

Euro Tiger Force Hit & Run and Euro Tiger Force Psyche Out

Euro Tiger Force Tunnel Rat and Euro Tiger Force Blizzard