Joe Con 2017 Full Box Set Lineup- Personal Commentary

Well here it is, the full lineup for the 2017 box set. The theme is Battleforce 2000 and the combatants are BATS. Yeah we all know this and we have seen the individual images but how does it compare? Read on for a personal take on this set. 

This set as a whole is a massive misfire in all directions. While I do like the original Battleforce, this set is a far cry from what it could have been. Fans have taken notice and as of today Golden Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE! That alone should make you nervous. In the past GT sold out in hours, if not minutes but fans are scared of this set. Not only did the price go up, the set as a whole is cheap! I know the Club is wrapping things up but come on, put some effort into it! Who knows what the exclusives will be but considering the Club only uses a handful of vehicle molds, it should be easy to predict.

Do not get me wrong, I love GI Joe and im a huge fan of the Club and Con but this is sad. The only thing the Club had to do was add in visors and face masks, This alone would have given these figures some much needed love. Hell, I have seen some of the original designs for the set and they fall short of even that! Stop being cheap with these designs and god knows the price keeps going up. Make it worth our time and I sure hope the Club has something really special in place to fix this travesty.  

Credit for the images goes out to James Kavanaugh Jr, noted author and Joe Con legend. The first image is a knock on the lineup, embarrassing I know,  while the second actually shows the proper lineup.