Joan Lee, Wife of Stan Lee, Passes Away At 93

source: The Hollywood Reporter

Joan Lee, the wife of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, has passed away at her home at the age of 93. She and Stan were married for 69 years. During that time in interviews, Stan Lee gave credit for the creation of what became the Marvel Universe to his wife.

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The story, which has evolved over time has essentially been that Stan was frustrated with the comics he was given to write by publisher Martin Goodman. Explaining his frustration to his wife, she gave him the advice that he should write the comics that he could be proud of. This was a period when the company that would become Marvel Comics was floundering and according to some accounts, was about to shut its doors. The launch of Fantastic Four in 1961 saw the rebirth of the company, primarily through dynamic writing by Stan Lee and artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood and others. Although Stan’s stories about the genesis of Marvel Comics were always evolving, one aspect was almost always consistent. Joan Lee was responsible for pushing Stan into creating comics he could be proud of. In interviews, his love for his wife was always apparent and something to be admired.

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