J. Scott Campbell Classic Spider-Man Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

The next J. Scott Campbell designed statue has been fully revealed and it is a Classic Spider-Man!! Captured in an expertly crafted, gravity-defying composition, Spidey clings to a graffiti-ed brick wall, never far from reminders of those who have come to depend on him – and always driven by his Uncle Ben’s words “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Thursday October 16th is the day and Spidey will run you $299.99!

With danger always lurking just around the corner, Peter Parker made a vow as a teenager to use his incredible powers to protect the innocent from harm, as the Amazing Spider-Man! Designed by the incomparable comic book artist J. Scott Campbell, and brought to life by Sideshow’s 3d artists, the wise-cracking wall-crawler stops to strike a pose while patrolling the streets of New York City in this dynamic statue.

J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-001 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-002 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-003 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-004 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-005 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-006 J-Scott-Campbell-Classic-Spider-Man-Statue-007 J-Scott-Campbell-Spider-Man-Statue-Series