I have an Announcement to Make….Please Read

As you guys and gals can see, the website has sparely been updated for the month of October. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things you love and sometimes you just loose control of what want to do; that is the case here. There is also burnout among myself and my staff. We put so much into this that it can be hard to maintain that level of commitment when most of us have families and careers. Remember we do this because we love it, not because of a paycheck.  As the site owner I am the one that controls the content and daily updates. This is my responsibility and I have done a poor job at managing the website. For that I want to offer you all an apology and I also want to ensure you all that I will do better and we will continue to bring the latest news and reviews to you all. 

I also want to address some of our features or columns we do on the site. The latest one, the Market Watch will return but in a new format. We will not be featuring that many new books as we want to hit the back issue bin. We will still cover some new releases but there is so much gold out there I feel it’s important you guys know whats going on in the market. This direction was strongly discussed with our Comic Book Editor and in the end, he controls the comic portion of the site. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick with us. We do love Needless and we all will work harder on the updates. We will also be exploring new options on how to run and operate our site. While 2017 is almost in the books, 2018 looks damn bright. 

Tracy- Editor in Chief/ Owner- Needless Essentials Online