Hyrule Historia Top 10 For 2013

In a huge win for Dark Horse, Hyrule Historia has finished 2013 as the #6 book on the Amazon Year-End List, as well as being the #1 bestseller for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times lists. The fan base for the Legend of Zelda is one of, if not THE, most rabid groups around. The numbers for Hyrule Historia prove as much.

Hyrule Historia is a hardcover tome featuring never-before-seen artwork from the series, as well as a chronology of the games. With the games featuring a lead with identical names but on different worlds, the chronology is incredible for fans. Along with a detailed history of the series, Hyrule Historia is an amazing love letter to Legend of Zelda fans. If you are a Zelda fan or simply a fan of video games in general, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing book!