HeroesCon Day Two

Day Two of HeroesCon 2017 was the day I tried my hand at cosplay. Every year, my young daughter dresses up. She’s done so even before she turned one and she was dressed as Yoda. Since, she has been Saturn Girl, She-Ra, and Terra. This year, her fascination with DC Super Hero Girls prompted her choice to cosplay as Katana. I took the opportunity to cosplay as the Time Trapper. I offer advice to parents that cosplay with a small child, don’t worry how good your cosplay is, no one is paying attention to you.

In cosplay, you have to be prepared to stop and pose for pictures, and when taking pictures of cosplayers, never assume you can find another time to ask them, because at a show the size of HeroesCon, you’ll never find them again. However, always be courteous, and ask before taking a picture. When cosplaying, keep in mind how your costume will react with the environment and don’t have anything sticking out too far or dragging too low. My daughter’s katana would stick out significantly when sheathed on her back, and my robes would get caught on handrails, be stepped on, and made escalators very unsafe.

HeroesCon is great for kids, but plan on taking them on a day  when you don’t want to take in any panels or browse through boxes and boxes of comics. Make a day with the kids all about the kids, and enjoy the free play arcade games, the HeroesCon petting zoo. and the various attractions that the non-profits have set up that appeal to kids. My daughter especially has come to adore the R2 droids, especially R2-KT. HeroesCon gives kids a “passport” which they can take to various booths to get stamped and even receive a couple of free comics. My daughter has never had the inclination to complete, but every year, gets a little closer. This year she got a really good sketch in her book from Eraklis Petmezas when we went to pick up the commission that I asked of him the day before.

What my daughter really loved was towards the end of our day, when we walked down an aisle and came across Ultimate Comics booths where they had a wheel to win special deals on their products or a “poorly drawn sketch.” My daughter spun and won 50% off any item. She looked carefully and chose a Mystery Disney Princess keychain and the entire drive home she talked about her “lucky spin.”

This day was probably one of the best for me, and I didn’t get to take in the art auction that night, which I can recommend, provided that you budget significantly as the bidding can get heated, and you can find yourself having to shell out a tidy sum for great original art. Because of the art auction, throughout the day, you can watch artists on the central stage creating magnificent pieces for that night’s auction.

Day Two of HeroesCon can be your best day ever, regardless of your focus, but this year, it was the best day for seeing cosplayers. Because of the size, it never seemed terribly crowded, even when it did get to a bottleneck situation in the aisles. I got to venture into areas that I missed the day before and took in some of the most fun areas that HeroesCon has to offer. I even got to try my hand at cosplay, and quite frankly, I rather enjoyed it.