HeroesCon Day One

The first day of a large show like HeroesCon is never very crowded.  This allows for fans to explore the hall and share more quality time with creators. This is also when dealers have the most stock.

I got into the hall shortly after opening. The only thing really lacking today was a large number of cosplayers, although they were not absent,  and the quality was exquisite. I saw a lot of Star Wars cosplay, taking particular note of Rey and Jin Orso shopping dollar boxes for Batman comics. There was a Luke and Rey cosplay that were noticeable whenever they came around, as the Luke cosplayer had a very strong presence. 

The dealers were quite varied, but one thing that was common to the comics dealers were an abundance of dollar boxes.  I’m not sure if this is part of a plan to concentrate on moving as much stock as possible. However,  for a collector like myself, with a definite list of issues in their wish list, this means a great deal of money takes home a large number of comics.

As an aside, I  compared notes with a lady on the apps we’ve used to make our collecting easier.

In tomorrow’s installment of our HeroesCon coverage, we’ll talk about artists alley and my experience cosplaying for the first time.