Heroes Con 2014 A Look Back

Heroes Con 2014 ended a week ago and well, I am indeed sad. I only had a few hours to explore the show but I can tell you those were some amazing hours. This my friends is the premier comic book convention of the South East and Heroes damn well earned that name. Shelton Drum, owner of the famed comic shop under the same name (well close to it, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find) has been putting this show on for 32 years. This show is all about comics and the culture that goes along with it.

When you first enter the show you will experience sensor overload. such as what I experienced and the first thing you do is gawk at all the comics, toys, art and well, everything! I know you have bigger shows such as SDCC and NYCC but those shows tend to lead to more Hollywood  than comics. These shows also bring in more comic publishers and toy manufactures but Heroes brings in creators and industry leaders. This gives fans a chance to talk to their favorite artist or writer without having to wait hours to see them.  Arthur Adams, Matt Fraction, Mark Waid, Jeff Smith, Jim Starlin and Kevin Eastman are just a few of the guests you could have seen. I know in the past the show featured Jim Lee and many of the Image heavy hitters right when they were exploding on the scene. 

What made the show for me was the dealers and the deals. Even though I co-own a website I am also a collector and this year, Transformer comics from Marvel was on my radar. I had a budget, which is something I recommend and I had a ball. I walked away with more than I planned and if I only had a full day the damage would have been severer.  Besides comics and toys you also have Cos players such as the Clown Prince of Charlotte and Riddle’s Messy WardrobeFans love to dress up for this show and it’s an awesome sight to behold. I remember back in the early 90,s you did not see much of the cosplayers; now it’s a staple of the convention circuit. This is also a factor that makes the show so much fun!

This makes my sixth show in a row and I am proud to be able to bring something new to the readers. Make plans for 2015 and get ready to have a blast, spend some money and make new friends. That’s the atmosphere of Heroes Con and one I do not want them to forget. Keep the show focused on the comics, creators and keep it down to earth. All of this makes Heroes a top destination for all fans and a must hit on the convention circuit.

Also be on the lookout for a special Cosplay photo shoot with some of these guys below. This will be the first for us so hopefully everything comes out great 🙂

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