Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series 6″ Line: The Possibilities

With the overall success of the Black Series 6″ series we thought it would be a good time to establish our wishlist for the line. There is no arguing the appeal of this line to both collectors and kids and this year has been a monster year for the brand. Some might even say that the line has eclipsed the 3.75 line in overall popularity. I know several who swear by the brand and will only buy the 6″ figures. Why is this? Maybe it has something to do with distribution and the new factor. Many fans struggle to acquire the  3.75″ figures and some locations are still dealing with EP1 Vintage cardback figures. While the regular Black series figures linger in distribution centers the 6″ figures seem to make that ever elusive appearance at retail. With all the excitement in the line lets take a look of what might be down the road for the brand.

First we know what’s coming and it looks awesome!!

331838-EpII-Clone-Trooper-Sargeant-copy A6521-TIE-Pilot-copy A9389_SW_BlackS_Han_ST_-copy A8725_SW_BlackS_Luke_Wampa-copy A8724_SW_BlackS_Deluxe_Han_Tauntaun-copyA9815_SW_BlackS_Bossk-copy


In fact here are the next 3 waves of figures!

Wave 3
Sandtrooper redeco 
Darth Vader 
Luke Jedi 

Wave 4
Clone Trooper Sergeant 
Tie Pilot 
Ep. 3 Obi Wan Kenobi

Wave 5
Tie Pilot
Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise

The bolded characters will be new in those assortments. Do take note though. So far Vader, Luke and Sandtrooper will only be in wave 3. Still we will talk about that some other time, lets just focus on the characters. The Deluxe will more than likely be exclusives for Target or Toys R Us. As you see the line is filling out very well but it’s lacking something…..something like…


Clone Commander Cody

Leia (Boushh Disguise)

Obi-Wan Kenobi

This list popped up not to long ago and while not yet confirmed it could very well happen! Now that we know (mostly) of what Hasbro has planned let look at some other options or I should say character selections.

There are several characters in need of the 6″ treatment and the first should be..

Lando (Cloud City or General, I do not care)

Luke Tatooine– Why do we not have farm boy luke yet?? This is one iconic and a must have! I mean we get Greedo before Luke?

Leia Organa. We got a Slave Leia (thank you Hasbro but we need this as well). Also a Battle Poncho Leia would be nice as well.

Rebel Commando (lets make it a 2 pack). This was a 1% chance of being made but we can wish right?

AT-AT Commander

AT-AT Driver– You know you want it. Plus he would go hand in hand with the Commander!

Death Star Droid. This one is personal but a Jawa is needed as well.

Dengar. Yeah I am not loving this one but we need all the bounty hunters. While we are at it we need Zuckuss as well. This would round out all the bounty hunters and this should please all the hard core Star Wars fans. While I do not care for all of them I will buy them,

B-Wing Pilot and an A-Wing Pilot would be nice.

So far that is 11 possible figures but there are 100’s more that could be made. Also we have yet to hit on the prequel trilogy. Hasbro has been working some in the assortments such as Clone Troopers and 2 main Jedis. I personally think Hasbro should keep adding some Prequal figures in the mix but Hasbro should stick to the original trilogy for the most part. If they put out a 4 figure assortment then add one Prequel in there. If it’s 3 or less with repacks then stick to Original Trilogy. Of course this is just my thoughts but you never know.

Now lets talk about exclusives for a moment. The Walgreens Boba Fett was an awesome idea and Hasbro should continue that model for the future. Why not expand that to a complete assortment of figures? Walgreens have thousands of stores and this alone gives fans options in hunting these bad boys down. Of course the assortment needs to be special, say the other four Bounty Hunters. The one thing I do know is big box stores such as Walmart is not the only choice out there. If they refuse to stock these figures take the business to a company that wants the extra traffic and revenue. For example while hunting for the Fett I joined Walgreens shopping card program, purchased a few extra items and walked out with one Chewi and an Agent Venom. Score one for Walgreens!

We could also see a joint online exclusive line. Think about it for a second. Take Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth and some of the other big boys out there and release a joint exclusive Clone Trooper set from Episode 3! This might be an easy way to get more characters to the fans but Hasbro would need to limit the amount of retailers that could carry the figures. You have to make it profitable for the ones buying the toys.

Target and Toys R Us will continue to score exclusives and it would be nice to see Toys R Us with a special Jabbas Palace set of figures or even a new vehicle. Give Target a new beast pack, say a Sandperson and Bantha. Oh that does sound fantastic! Back in the day Target was the place to score some awesome 12″ exclusives; I would love to see that again. So here is my choice for exclusive assortments/ packs.

Walgreens- Bounty Hunter Assortment. If not possible then give us at least one and I pick Zuckuss!

Online Exclusive Assortment: Shared exclusive with BBTS and EE. Clone Trooper pack (Shock Trooper, 501st Trooper, Clone Commander, Commander Bacara). Just thinking about this send chills down my spine.

Toys R Us- Black 6″ Snowspeeder; Jaba Palace Assortment. I do not care which ones we get but Amanaman and Yakface is a must.

Target- Bantha and Sandperson. Rebel Hoth Trooper and Probe Droid.

I know most of this list will not happen but some of this list WILL happen. The point to this article is the Black 6″ line is going strong and we have so much to look forward to. The most we might get on any given year is 10 to 12 figures but still, I will take whatever Hasbro gives us and I will smile while paying for my toys. I hope you guys enjoyed this fun look at the future possibilities with this line but please, do not consider this official by no means, consider it a wish list.