Hasbro Toy Shop Info for SW Celebration

Okay folks, we have some last minute info to share for Star Wars Celebration. We are getting ready to hit the road but you NEED to know this. If you plan to shop the Hasbro Toy Shop booth you WILL need a ticket for Thursday and Friday. Read on for more info!

ReedPop has released information about how to get the exclusive Hasbro 40th Anniversary Collection 6″ Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) figure. In order to purchase a Hasbro Exclusive on Thursday and Friday, a limited number of tickets will be given out.

There will be a special morning queue for those who want to receive a Hasbro Exclusive ticket in the morning. Please look for Queue 10 and the sign that says “Tickets to Purchase items from HasbroToyshop”.

Tickets for the Hasbro Exclusive will begin to be given out at approximately 6:00 AM on Thursday and Friday. After receiving a ticket for the Hasbro Exclusive, fans can join the regular Celebration Experience Exhibition Hall Chutes.

You cannot get into the Hasbro line to purchase anything at their booth without a ticket on Thursday or Friday, regardless if what you’re purchasing is the Hasbro Exclusive or not. On Thursday and Friday the only fans that can shop in the Hasbro booth are those with tickets.

On Saturday and Sunday, tickets will not be required to shop at the Hasbro booth.