Hasbro to Remove ID Codes From Individual Kre-o Figures??

There has been some trickling info coming in that Hasbro has removed the ID Codes from single pack Kreon figures. The Hobbybase has reported via Facebook that series 2 2014 Microchanger assortment has updated packaging that no longer includes the individual codes. These codes have helped collectors obtain all the figures without having to by a massive amount of blind bags. Nothing has been said concerning the G.I. Joe “blind” bags but hopefully we can confirm something soon. 

If this is the case then it’s no shocker. Most companies offer no help in identification of blind bag figures (hence the term blind bag). This will be tough for collectors but the cost is not high. Personally I tend to buy a sealed box anyway just so I can army build a little and do some trading. Of course consider this a rumor until Hasbro confirms this.