GoBots Re-Volt – Random Toys

Near the end of the GoBots toyline we saw a new subset of 8″ tall GoBots called Dread Launchers. For this week’s Random Toys, we’re looking at the leader of the Renegade Dread Launchers, Re-Volt!

Re-Volt 001Re-Volt has a blocky 80’s robot style with a few sculpted details here and there along with the classic metallic stickers most all 80’s robots came with. While Transformers had already moved into all plastic construction by 1987, GoBots were still using some Die-Cast parts seen here in the shoulders and elbows. Other than those parts though, he is primarily all plastic.


Re-Volt 002All three of the Dread Launchers have chromed heads. Re-Volt also has yellow antenna/ear sections with a blue/purple visor. The head, like the rest of the body is a classic robot design.




Re-Volt 003Re-Volt has a decent amount of articulation for the time, but it’s mostly in his arms. The legs are pretty static (though they can be extended along with the swivel hips) The arms feature shoulder rotation and the ability to swivel out to the side. The elbows have a hinge joint and there’s a swivel joint above them. The talons on the hand can open and close and the wings on his back can be rotated up or down giving Re-Volt a slight Voltron appearance.


Re-Volt 004All of the Dread Launchers are composed of two “vehicles” that form a single robot (similar to the Transformers Duocons, but much bigger and better looking) The Dread Launchers all separate at the waist with the push of a button.



Re-Volt 005Re-Volt 006Re-Volt transforms into a flat bed carrier vehicle and a giant robotic bird. Due to the arm articulation, The bird’s legs can be posed very well and can latch onto the tabs on top of the carrier. The carrier has a lot of sculpted detail on the sides.


Re-Volt 008

I love all of the Dread Launchers, but mostly just in robot mode. The dual vehicle/flying thing alt mode for all three of them is pretty odd considering two of them have either a giant bird or insect for the flying half (The 3rd Dread Launcher, Chaos, has a jet for the flying half and looks pretty normal in it’s alt mode) Re-Volt has one of the strongest robot modes to me with a classic 80’s appearance. This looks like a titan that would terrorize humans everywhere.

Re-Volt 007