GIJCC 2016 Membership Figure: Mike Power

The 2016 GIJCC Membership figures have started shipping and yesterday we received the Atomic Man himself, Mike Power! How does this modern update of the 1975 figure stand up to his vintage counterpart? Read on to find out!

Mike Power 001

Mike Power comes dressed in a White T-Shirt, Black Shorts with red stripe and white shoes & socks. This is slightly more clothes than the typical GIJCC Membership figure comes in (Usually it’s just shorts and a tank top) But in this case, the outfit is also a homage to the Secret Mountain Outpost set from 1975. That set was based on the comic advertisement introducing the Adventure Team to Mike Power, the Atomic Man where he showed off all of his special abilities.

1975 Atomic Man Comic Ad

Speaking of those abilities, Let’s look at the biggest feature of the new Mike Power, his Atomic Flashing Eye!

Mike Power 002

When you pull on the AT tag hanging from his neck, it activates the LED in his eye to light up. The eye slowly blinks three times each time you pull the tag. On the vintage packaging for both the US and UK versions they either called it a “Flashing” or “Signalling” eye so this makes sense. However, based on the introductory comic, I always hoped it would just come on and stay on until you pull the tag again, similar to a lamp. I can’t fault it for doing what it was intended to do and not what I wanted it to do though. I do like that it lights up very well (the picture doesn’t do it justice) and is nice and small so it doesn’t look like there’s a light bulb in his eye.

Mike Power 003

The head sculpt has some nice detailing all over it. I was really surprised by the hair and how there are individual strands sculpted on the head.


Mike Power 004

Unlike the vintage figure, Mike Power now has two Atomic legs along with his Atomic arm. This makes more sense in his ability to run as the common joke since 1975 has been that he runs very fast in a circle due to his human leg not keeping up with the Atomic one.

Mike Power 005

The body is your basic 12″ vintage styled GI Joe body with the slight exception that there is a battery cover on the back now for the two AAA batteries that power his Atomic Eye. The hands are Kung Fu Grip hands, but they don’t feel as pliable as vintage ones. I don’t know if this is due to a different rubber being used for the hands or if they are just made from a soft plastic (This is my first GIJCC 12″ figure so I don’t know exactly how their past figures have been made)


Mike Power 006

Comparing this Mike Power to the vintage one you can see that they are very similar. The new one has more clothes as the vintage one came barefoot, but this looks like a good update to the 1975 Mike Power. The hair style is the same, but the new face looks harder and more battle ready than the smiling Ken-esq vintage Mike Power. If you look closely, you can see that the new one still has a blue eye, I thought that was a nice touch. Like I said earlier, I like that the Atomic Eye is much smaller now (Though both are in respective size to their human eye counterpart)

Mike Power 007


Mike Power 008

One of the aspects that I find lacking on this figure is the Atomic limbs. The vintage Mike Power has these cool sculpted inserts in the legs. The new version does not have these additions and it makes the limbs just look like they’re supposed to be invisible instead of Atomic. However, the limbs are hollow like the original limbs. This means that (at least for the lower legs and arm) one could make some simple mechanical looking cylinders to insert between the ankle and knee joints (or wrist and elbow joints on the arm) Due to the thighs having rivets through the top of them, adding a large sculpted piece to them may be a little hard to do, but the thighs are mostly covered by the shorts anyway, so it’s not really a big deal.

Mike Power 009

Overall, the GIJCC Mike Power is a nice update to the original Atomic Man. I like the new head sculpt and LED Atomic Eye. I also really like that this figure has what feels like a complete outfit, that was a nice touch, the fact that it’s an homage to a vintage set is just icing on the cake. I’m not crazy about the AT sticker on the T-Shirt as I’ve had that feel like it’s going to fall off many times while taking the shirt off (or pulling it up to insert the batteries in the back) I also wish that the Atomic limbs had mechanical parts inside them. I think that small addition would have made this an awesomely over the top figure. However, I am still very pleased with the new Mike Power and happy to add him to my growing Atomic Man Collection.

Mike Power 010