GI Joe Collectors Club 2014 Convention 12″ Set Reveal

The GI Joe Collector’s Club has revealed the box art and 12″ head sculpts of their “Codename: GI Joe” 12 inch Convention set.



The box has the 60’s GI Joe logo with the club’s 50th Anniversary logo shaded out in the background.


Here we see the Timeless Edition Vintage GI Joe Headsculpt with the Timeless AT Headsculpt.


They also included a shot of the green beret that is included with the vintage GI Joe figure.

This is a great start to the full reveal of the 12″ Codename: GI Joe set. I know there are many fans who are anxiously waiting to see what the 3 3/4″ Joe Colton included in this set will look like too.